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Welcome to Instructional Connections!

we provide high quality support services to colleges and universities!

Instructional Connections (IC) is a provider of high quality instructional support services to colleges and universities, which offer online courses and degree programs. We specialize in “connecting” Academic Coaches, AKA “Online Teaching Assistants” to institutions that offer online programs with a highly effective and scalable instructional model. 

Universities that work with Instructional Connections can scale the delivery of their online courses and degree programs at a substantially affordable cost.

Instructional Connections employs Academic Coaches, who directly support the Faculty of Record in online classrooms.

We provide maximum flexibility to Faculty Members of Record, but typically, Academic Coaches grade assignments, manage discussion threads, handle announcements, and manage the day-to day issues as directed by the faculty. This enables the faculty of record to focus on delivery of course curriculum.

Instructional Connections is the first to implement this model, which drives scale and helps assure high completion rates and student retention. Regional accreditors have carefully evaluated the model during partner university site visits and have found it to be innovative and effective.